The Executive Leadership Program offers outstanding midcareer JCC and Federation professionals an opportunity to sharpen their guiding visions of Jewish communal life and develop their leadership and management skills. The program includes cohort learning in seminars (three in Boston, one in Israel) and individual learning with a mentor. Cohort learning explores the major challenges facing Jewish organizations and communities—increasing communal diversity, changing patterns of association, growing political polarization and the need to clarify the purposes of contemporary Jewish life. With attention to practice, Fellows examine such challenges through three curricular lenses:

  • Contemporary Jewish Life—a lens focused on understanding challenges in relation to organizational, political, cultural and demographic change
  • Jewish Visions and Values—a lens focused on clarifying alternative visions of the Jewish community at its best
  • Leadership and Nonprofit Management—a lens focused on crafting strategies and honing skills for organizational and communal change

Between seminars, Fellows continue their learning in small groups by video conference. Throughout the program, Fellows also work with mentors on activities designed to complement cohort learning and advance individual learning goals. Program mentors are current and former executives of nonprofit organizations.

Asher Lopatin and David Stolow.
Sarah Beutel, Tova Birnbaum, Sue Gelsey, Adina Frydman.

“As the world changes, our programs will change, but the need for enlightened, informed leadership will never go away.”

– Morton L. Mandel, Chairman and CEO, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation –