The Mandel Educational Leadership Program seeks rising leaders who are poised to increase their impact through contributing ideas to the field, taking their organization or school to the next level or creating new forms of Jewish education.

Characteristics of successful candidates include:

  • Emotional intelligence, curiosity, intellect, creativity and reflectiveness.
  • Interest in engaging with big ideas about the purposes and forms of Jewish education.
  • Capacity for forging connections and creating networks that serve the Jewish community as a whole.
  • Ages 28-55

We welcome applicants from a range of educational settings: day schools, youth groups, supplemental schools, college campuses, camps, JCCs, social justice organizations, farming or environmental organizations, federations and more. Most will hold formal leadership positions (directors of Jewish enrichment, department chairs, senior Jewish educators, supplemental school principals, directors of congregational learning, etc.). Exceptional educators who do not hold formal leadership positions but who can point to impactful acts of leadership will also be considered.

We aim to establish cohorts that span the denominational spectrum (and beyond) and represent the diversity of the Jewish community.

Please note that you must reside in the United States or Canada in order to apply.

Phase I is open through October 25, 2021. The Phase I application requires a resume, personal statement and educational artifact. Applicants invited to participate in Phase II will be asked to draft an essay, submit a recommendation and participate in a virtual interview with the admissions committee in early December. Please click below to begin the application process.


The Mandel Educational Leadership Program empowers Jewish educational leaders from across a range of settings to generate new visions of Jewish education, to grow in their leadership and to build relationships beyond their organizations as they bring their visions to life.

October 25, 2021

An admissions committee drawn from the Mandel Institute for Nonprofit Leadership’s faculty, staff and consultants makes admissions decisions.

Visions for the field: Fellows will engage with and analyze compelling, sometimes competing, approaches to Jewish education, inspiring them to sharpen their own visions and to create new ideas for the future of Jewish education.

Leadership growth: A custom-crafted curriculum helps fellows develop leadership capabilities and understandings of the field that empower them to bring their visions to life.

Network creation: The program nurtures connections among the fellows and aims to create networks of visionary leaders who support and challenge one another, think broadly, and work within and beyond their own organizations to create vibrant Jewish educational experiences.

Fellows must attend all 4 seminars in their entirety. Between seminars, fellows continue their learning through virtual courses, peer consultations and assignments.

Sponsoring organizations give release time for fellows to join the four seminars that take place throughout the 18 months.

The backbone of the program is a series of four in-person (or virtual, if necessary) seminars:

  • Seminar I: February 27 – March 3 2022, Brookline, MA
  • Seminar II: June 26 – 30 2022, Brookline, MA
  • Seminar III: Eight days, TBD (November-December 2022), Israel
  • Seminar IV: June 25 – 29 2023, Brookline, MA

Fellows will engage in additional virtual learning, peer consultations and assignments in between seminars.

The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation covers travel and program expenses, except for ground transportation and meals during travel. Sponsoring organizations provide release time for participation in the seminars.

Future cohorts will have different seminar dates in order to accommodate educators who have a variety of work schedules.